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Blissful Awakening

December 8th-12th, 2022 | Tulum, Mexico

Blissful Awakening Retreat is a sacred time and space for you to connect deeply to your heart. A safe container to heal and release anything that is not serving your highest Self. It’s an opportunity to raise your frequency to that of bliss, freedom and joy.


Blissful Awakening Awaits

Where you'll be staying

Casa Nawal is a beautiful “hotel” located directly on the beach near the Tulum Ruins. The cabanas you will be staying in are built with traditional Mayan features such as a wooden/thatch roof. Each cabana has its own private balcony, equipped with A/C, a ceiling fan, and beautiful local decor. There is a restaurant on site where we will enjoy breakfast and lunch each day. They also have the temazcal lodge where we will have our sweat ceremony, a beautiful fire circle where we will gather each evening, and the Medicine Wheel, a sacred space where we will have our daily workshops. Since it is also right on the beach, there will be time available for you to relax on the beach and go for a swim if you desire to do so.



Opening Ceremony
“We will gather around the fire to introduce ourselves, set and share our intentions for the retreat, do a short guided meditation, call in the 4 directions and elements, and thank the land and the sea. You will also receive your print out of your Human Design and Gene Keys profile.”

Temazcal- Sweat Lodge
“ To really set intentions and clear space for the healing and transformation that you desire. We will step into this sacred container and release any emotional and spiritual blockages. We will detox our bodies and our minds. A Temazcal is an ancient mesoamerican tradition meant to cleanse and purify through heat. Water is poured over scalding hot stones like a sauna. You will definitely sweat and you are free to release and let go in whatever way comes up for you.”

“Each day there will be one yoga class to invite movement not only for our physical bodies, but to help move the internal energy and bring our mind, bodies, and spirit into one”

“Each of the workshops will include some form of breathwork, meditation, and then practices that  will connect you to your heart. We will also have an introduction into systems like Human Design  and Gene Keys so you can learn more about who you truly are and how to bring ease and peace into your life by living in alignment with your true Self. Some of the practices are individualized and some will involve the whole group.”

Personalized HD & GK Readings
“For those of you who would like a more in depth reading of your personal charts, there will be open time on the last day to get mini readings done by me.”



Cenote Sound Healing
“A beautiful trip to a private cenote where we will feel the magic of sound healing and swimming in the sacred water of the cenote. The sacred cenotes of the Yucatan are underground “wells” full of fresh water. Some are open air, some are half enclosed, and some are fully in caves.

Boat Tour
“We will take a boat out into the Caribbean Sea where you will be able to snorkel with fish, sea turtles and possibly even dolphins. The captain will give a detailed and fun “guided tour” of the ancient Mayan Tulum Ruins.


Daily Schedule