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Awakening Wellness Retreats

Awaken the Freedom and Bliss Within
About Awakening

Awakening Wellness Retreats are a time and space to awaken your highest frequency. The frequency of Freedom, Bliss, and Abundance.


We are all influenced by our life experiences, conditioning from childhood, and society. However, through intentional practices we can move passed the falsehood and discover our true essence. We live in a world that believes there are basically only two options. Good and Bad, Right and Wrong, Black and White, Happy and Sad, etc.


At Awakening Wellness Retreats I want to challenge this and present a reality beyond duality. What if I told you that living every moment in peace and bliss was possible? A reality where there's only oneness, peace, joy, and bliss. The thing is, our external world is dualistic. However, the internal world doesn't have to be. The internal world is far more expansive. Through equanimity we can learn to be still, clear, and at peace internally regardless of what's happening externally. 


This is what Awakening Wellness Retreats are about: Awakening your highest frequency so that you can live every moment in Freedom, Bliss and Abundance. At these retreats you will learn how to connect to your true self, your true essence, how to attain equanimity and hold steady no matter what life brings. To really feel free from the pressures of the external world. 

Hi, I'm Jess

"Throughout my entire life I have always had a deep inner drive towards exploration and expansion. Amidst the internal struggles I was facing around feelings of worthlessness, guilt, shame, and a lack of self-love, I always knew that there was another way of living and being that wasn't so painful and heavy."

World-Wide Wellness Retreats
What You Can Expect







Sound Healing


Luxury Accommodation

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Vegetarian Cuisine

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Transformative Workshops


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